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Danny lies to the staff when opening Underworld telling them that Leanne won't be in as she's sick. Sean wrongly assumes Leanne has morning sickness and gossips with Fiz that she might be pregnant. Sarah tries to get a reluctant Jason excited about the wedding and attempts to set a date with him. Ashley and Claire continue to struggle over choosing a baby name as Ashley rules out Scott as it was the name of his Alsatian. Leanne turns up at the factory, and Danny offers her £5,000 to get out of his life. Claire continues to act like a supermum when the midwife arrives to check on her. With Sophie armed with Sally's mobile, Chesney persuades her to let him ring his mate Cameron. While decorating at No.6, Tracy hears a strange noise. Sophie's clearly smitten with Cameron and tries to act "grown up". Leanne meets with Danny at the flat and intimates she has Mike's original will. Sarah overhears Jason telling Charlie that he wants to delay the wedding for at least eighteen months. Distraught she runs off as Jason follows. Leanne rejects Danny's offer of £5,000, instead demanding £50,000 from him.


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