Charlie is continuing to lie to Tracy about sleeping with Shelley. Shelley is packing up and planning to leave for her new job in the Peak District and Bev is upset her daughter is leaving. Joanne comes down the stairs sheepishly at the Barlows' house after spending the night with Adam. She is confronted with Ken, Deirdre and Blanche at the breakfast table and she makes a sharp exit. Bev goes to the Café to invite Steve, Roy and Hayley to Shelley's leaving party. Adam gets an earful from the Barlows about Joanne's clothes being all over the house. Tracy goes to tell Charlie that they are both going to Shelley's party. It's Danny and Frankie's twentieth wedding anniversary and they have a drink together. Liz has her first night as manageress at the Rovers. Fred goes to tell everyone in the pub that Claire is in labour however it is just a false alarm. Frankie tells Deirdre that Danny will drop Leanne for her and that all she has to do is ask. Bev confronts Shelley about sleeping with Charlie. Shelley lies to her mum and says she made the whole thing up just to see what Tracy would do if she found out Charlie had slept with her. Tracy overhears the whole conversation and makes a show of Shelley in front of everyone but she is unmoved and happily takes a taxi for the station.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Shelley untruthfully tells Bev she didn't sleep with Charlie, only for Tracy to overhear the conversation. Claire struggles to hide her labour pains, thinking she's experiencing another false alarm; and Blanche continues to cast a disapproving eye over Adam and Joanne.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,060,000 viewers (5th place).
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