It's Father's Day. Amber gives Dev a card. He's disappointed it's not from the twins. Amber's hurt at his reaction. Steve's annoyed to find out Tracy and Charlie have taken Amy to Blackpool for the day. Les proudly tells Leanne how Chesney gave him a T-shirt, an ash tray and a card for father's day. Danny apologises to Jamie and tells him how he thinks about him every day and wishes they could be reunited. Jamie throws it back in his face. Sean's excited as he takes Brian for a Father's Day pizza. But Brian drops a bombshell and explains to Sean he's not his real father. Sean's devastated. Later, Danny finds him sitting on the factory steps upset and tells Violet. Danny thanks Leanne for trying to mend bridges between him and Jamie. Jamie sits on the factory steps with Sean. He tells Jamie he was right about Brian and bursts into tears. Jamie comforts him. Dev's over the moon when he gets a second Father's Day card, this time from the twins. David skives off school and hides in the house unbeknown to Gail. Sean pretends to the factory girls that he's relieved that Brian isn't actually his father. Keith and Craig are delighted when Audrey tells them that according to Jason Charlie's failed to get a mortgage and No.6 looks set to remain theirs. When Amber asks Dev if she can reduce her trip to visit her mum in Finland from six weeks to two, Dev shows that he isn't keen. Amber's hurt again. Dev's cross with Amber when he finds out she sent the second father's day card and it wasn't from the twins at all. Amber protests that she only wanted to cheer him up. Gail's shocked when she gets a visit from David's headmaster telling her how David's always playing truant from school. Rosie panics when she discovers her bottle of alcohol is missing from her hiding place. Craig tells her Sophie was gloating she knew where Rosie hid things and had even read her diary. Rosie's furious. Sally finds Sophie slumped in the backyard wreaking of alcohol.


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  • This hour-long episode was two episodes (P694/6316 and P694/3617) added together and broadcast as one at 7.30pm due to World Cup schedules. For the same reason, no episode was transmitted on Friday 16th June.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sean is thrilled to be taking Brian out for Father's Day, but can't believe his ears when his dad drops a bombshell. Sophie discovers Rosie's booze stash; Jamie tells Danny he'll never forgive him; and David's headmaster turns up to speak to Gail when her son skips school.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,960,000 viewers (3rd place).
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