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Keith's furious when Charlie pushes his way into No.6 with a surveyor in tow. Amber refuses to serve David alcohol in the corner shop as he's underage. She then also refuses to serve Les alcohol because she's too young to sell it. Craig's put out when Rosie tells him she's going on a five-week French exchange holiday with school. Kelly's questioned by the police. In front of Lloyd, Kelly steels herself and admits she spent the night with Steve on the night in question. Lloyd's stunned. Sean goes to meet Brian for lunch at Valandro's. He's gutted when he doesn't show up. Charlie winds Tracy up over the house suggesting he might rent it to Keith after all. Lloyd's furious with Kelly for sleeping with Steve. She explains they'd split up at the time but it cuts no ice with Lloyd. Steve's released without charge. Liz is very relieved and shocked to discover that Ronnie is really the hit-and-run driver. The police arrive and arrest Ronnie. Steve sees her as the calculating woman she is. Lloyd's furious with Steve for sleeping with his girlfriend. He dumps Kelly and tells Steve she's all his. Kelly's devastated.


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