Lloyd tentatively suggests to Kelly they could meet for a drink. She's unsure. Ronnie's worried when a speeding fine arrives at Street Cars. She realises it's hers from the night she knocked down the pedestrian. Amber moves in with Dev into the Corner Shop flat. He's horrified at the amount of stuff she's brought. Danny leaves Leanne in the charge of the factory. While he's out, Leanne gives Janice her old job back as a machinist. Violet and Jamie accompany Sean to his Aunty Betty's funeral. Sean's disappointed his dad, Brian doesn't turn up. Shelley is chatted up over the bar by a new customer called Simon. Determined to see his dad, Sean decides to pay him a visit. Ronnie lies to Steve telling him she's got nine points on her licence and that the speeding fine is hers. She asks Steve to lie to the police on her behalf and say he was driving her car that night. He promises to think about it. Danny's unimpressed to find Janice back in the factory but agrees to give her a trial. He's even less impressed to hear she's living with him too. It's clear Dev's not used to having a teenager around. Amber's slightly put out. Danny gives Leanne an engagement ring. She's delighted. Jamie and Violet drop Sean off at his dad's house.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sean attends his aunt's funeral, but is disappointed when his estranged father fails to show up. Leanne uses her influence at Underworld to give Janice her job back, and Ronnie asks Steve to take the blame for her when a speeding ticket arrives - without telling him about the hit-and-run.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,350,000 viewers (2nd place).
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