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Craig helps Kevin out at the garage for a couple of hours. Kevin invites him for his tea afterwards. Audrey offers to lend Keith £230 to pay Charlie's bill but he refuses. Audrey's offended at his ingratitude. Charlie offers to speak to Keith's landlord and sort the bill out with him. Keith begrudgingly agrees. Danny and Frankie's decree absolute arrives. They're now divorced. Frankie's booked a ticket to Spain to clear her head. Nathan's put out he's not invited. Ronnie and Steve have a fully-blown row. Steve tries to apologise and tells her that he loves her but she refuses to speak to him. Steve heads to the Rovers to drown his sorrows and bumps into Kelly. Charlie tells Tracy he's got a surprise for her. He's miffed when Tracy feigns disinterest. Steve invites Kelly back to his flat. They start kissing and end up in bed together. Ronnie phones Steve while she's driving. She leaves him a message saying she wants them to try again and that she's on her way round. While she's on the phone Ronnie accidentally knocks over a pedestrian. Not knowing if the man is dead or not, Ronnie checks no one's seen her and drives off. She radios Lloyd and lies to him saying she's five minutes from Levenshulme.


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  • This was the first episode of the programme to be transmitted by STV North, formerly Grampian Television which had changed its legal name and on-screen identity the previous day.
  • TV Times synopsis: Steve drowns his sorrows with an equally miserable Kelly after splitting with Ronnie - who heads out in her cab and ends up having an accident. Elsewhere, Danny's divorce is finalised, putting a smile on Leanne's face but leaving Frankie in a strange mood; and Charlie tells Tracy he has struck up a new business deal.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,860,000 viewers (7th place).
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