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Hayley tries to persuade Dev to let Amber live with him but he refuses to listen. Gail insists David works in the salon with Audrey over half-term as she doesn't trust him to be left alone. Lloyd's in a bad mood having been dumped by Kelly. Jason tries to wheedle the name of the card culprit out of Sarah but she refuses to be drawn. Against Roy's advice, Hayley tells Amber she can live with them rather than go to Finland. Charlie heads off for a night out leaving Tracy at home with Amy. Shelley's put out to find Bev's sacked the window cleaner for the Rovers without consulting her. Ronnie's annoyed with Steve for agreeing to cover for Lloyd rather than take her to the cinema. Sulkily, David agrees to work at the salon so long as Audrey pays him £3 an hour. Dev's adamant Amber's not going to live with him until Shelley tells him that Sunita thinks he should prove he's a good father and put Amber first. Dev gets Craig to show him how to text. He texts Amber telling her she can move in with him. Amber's delighted. Roy and Hayley are crestfallen.


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