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Amber continues to put pressure on Dev telling him how much she hates Dave Edwards and how she's not going to move to Finland. When Rosie and Craig press David wanting to know who sent the Richard Hillman cards, David lies saying it was Phil. Sean gets a call from his uncle Tommy to say his aunty Betty has died. Sally tells Gail that David says Phil was behind the cards. Gail tells her that she's wrong but won't be drawn - still protecting David. Gail apologises to Eileen for accusing her of sending the cards. Eileen's intrigued and asks Jason to find out who actually sent them. Kelly's deeply upset that people still think she's a thief. When Lloyd makes light of it Kelly's furious and dumps him. Lloyd's gutted. Gail admonishes David for trying to lay the blame at Phil's door. Ravinder and Dave arrive at the corner shop to discuss Amber with Dev. Dev makes it clear he doesn't want her living with him. Amber's upset when she overhears the row and accuses Dev of not even liking her, never mind loving her. Hayley overhears the whole conversation too.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Amber tells Dev she doesn't want to move to another country with her mother and stepfather, before playing truant from school; Kelly regrets pleading guilty and makes a decision about her relationship with Lloyd; while Gail prepares to apologise to the people she accused of sending the 'Hillman' cards.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,130,000 viewers (5th place).
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