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Gail thinks Audrey must have shopped David to the police and is caught off guard when the police tell her they've traced Phil and taken him in for questioning. Danny and Frankie shake hands on a divorce settlement. Frankie gets the villa in Spain as part of her share. Gail covers up for David and allows the police to go on thinking Phil's the culprit. Audrey's appalled that Gail lied to the police, especially in front of David. Gail realises Audrey was right and marches David to the police station. Gail apologises for wasting police time and explains David was to blame for the cards. David gets a ticking-off but the police assure Gail there'll be no further action. Dev moves into the shop flat. Frankie treats Deirdre, Bev and Liz to a girls' night out to celebrate her divorce deal. Kelly's upset at the thought of going to prison for something she didn't do. Lloyd reckons she should plead guilty to lessen her punishment. Frankie offers the girls a week at the villa in Spain. Liz suggests Steve should come too to drive them round and carry their bags. Over a family tea, Gail announces it's time to put the Richard cards affair behind them. David gratefully hugs his mum.


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