Danny and Frankie discuss a divorce settlement between them to avoid incurring hefty solicitors' fees. They get on well which unnerves Leanne. Sarah's still furious with David but Gail is calmer - just concerned as to why he sent the cards and seeing it as a cry for help. David confides in Gail he really misses his dad and feels he gets no attention from her. He admits he hates Phil and wanted Gail to think he was behind the cards. Kelly's worried she's going to end up in prison for something she didn't do. Steve suggests she should plead guilty to lessen the sentence even though she's innocent. Audrey arrives at the Platts' house in a fury having found out from Sarah that David sent the cards. Dev pays Keith £50 to look after the Corner Shop while he moves his stuff into the flat above the shop - Sunita and the twins move into his large house. Gail and Audrey are at loggerheads. Audrey thinks David should be severely punished. Gail blames herself for being a bad mother and wants to take a softer approach. Gail's horrified when the police call at No.8 in connection with the hoax cards.


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