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Jack tells Frankie she'll have to cope on her own at the cafe as Vera's having the day off. Jamie finds out from Rita that Norris is still in hospital following the accident. Lloyd finds Becky in his bedroom trying on Kelly's clothes - she is acting strangely. Rosie tries to persuade Kevin and Sally to let Craig come over for tea but Sally covers, saying it's too short notice. Kelly is cross at Becky for wearing her clothes without asking. Adam is hung-over from the night before and Ken and Deirdre are not happy that he's starting to take advantage of them. Ken wants Adam to get a job. Lloyd confides in Steve about Becky's behaviour - Steve just laughs it off. Frankie is not coping well on her own in the cafe and is also worried what Norris will do when he gets discharged from hospital. Norris arrives home and Frankie thinks it is a good idea to buy him flowers to butter him up. When she sees that Norris is in genuine pain and needing the aid of a wheelchair, she doesn't speak to him and takes the flowers back to the cafe with her. Jamie tells Frankie the cafe has got mice - she is more bothered about Norris. Kelly tells Lloyd it is time for Becky to move out. The health inspector calls at the cafe because of the accident yesterday. He sees the mice and tells Frankie she has to shut the place down until he gives it the all clear in a few days.


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