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Danny goes to speak to Frankie about settling their divorce. Becky is becoming more friendly with the factory girls and Sean. Archie asks Rita to go to Chatsworth on a day out with him. Rosie seems to be enjoying what happened to her in the accident and is gossiping to her school friends about it - both Craig and Sally are unimpressed. Danny offers Frankie £50,000 cash in her divorce settlement but she says she will have to think about it. Fiz asks Danny if Becky can have an advance on her wages as she is homeless. Becky spends the advance on drink. Kelly begs Lloyd to let Becky stay for a while until she finds somewhere to go. He reluctantly says yes. Leanne is angry with Danny for speaking to Frankie about the divorce. Cilla gets a call from Genna, the social worker saying that Les has been recommended for adoption of Chesney. Audrey is jealous of all the places Archie is taking Rita out to. Craig decides he wants to ditch the Goth image and become more Grunge but Rosie is not happy with his decision. The Battersby-Browns throw a party due to their good news. Cilla launches at Yana as she thinks that she fancies Les. Becky moves her stuff into Lloyd and Kelly's flat. She has spent the last of the advance on her wages on a bottle of champagne for Lloyd and Kelly but they're unimpressed.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kelly tells Becky she can stay at her place when the factory girls realise she's been sleeping rough. Meanwhile, Danny offers Frankie a £50,000 lump sum as a divorce settlement; the Battersby-Browns celebrate good news from social worker Genna; and Craig undergoes a startling change of image.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,570,000 viewers (5th place).

Notable dialogue

Emily Bishop: "Rita? has designs? on Archie?"
Norris Cole: "Designs? She's got full-blown architectural plans on this one. Ooh, you should see 'er when 'e comes through that door... fannin' 'erself with a People's Friend like... like something out of Les Liaisons Dangereuses."

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