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Archie asks Rita to accompany him to the theatre and she accepts. Gail is still very distressed about the Richard Hillman events and decides to take the day off work. Kelly and Lloyd discuss the watch Becky bought Kelly for her birthday. Lloyd thinks the watch is genuine. Sarah is seriously worried for Gail as she is becoming paranoid. Kevin and Sally take Rosie back home and Craig joins them. Sally is just grateful that everything is okay. Rita has her hair done in the salon before her theatre visit with Archie. Gail lashes out at Rita, Norris and Blanche for interfering in her business. Gail sees a man get out of a taxi on the street who looks like Richard and this scares her. Les discusses with Eileen about adopting Chesney. Keith suggests taking Audrey on an OAP day out to Rivington Pike, however she is not too impressed and doesn't want to go. Kelly tells Becky she is not impressed with the fact that she stole the watch and Becky storms off. Les and Chesney are really keen on the idea of the adoption however Cilla doesn't seem to share their enthusiasm. Becky produces a receipt for the watch Kelly thought she had stolen. Kelly feels guilty. Sally invites Craig to stay for tea. Gail confides in Audrey about thinking she saw Richard. Gail is clearly losing it.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail is still plagued by gossiping residents and ghosts of the past; Kelly regrets accusing Becky of giving her a stolen watch; and Craig's devotion to a poorly Rosie finally puts him in the Websters' good books.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,960,000 viewers (4th place).
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