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Kelly is angry at Lloyd for giving her a key to his flat for her birthday - she thinks he is being cheap. Gail confronts Eileen in the Rovers about the rumours she has been spreading. Gail suspects that Eileen was doing this to break up her and Phil. Gail lays into Vera suggesting that it could have been her sending the cards because she is bitter about Richard taking her money. Blanche is excited at the fact that Archie is back and hopes that something will happen between them. Blanche confides her feelings about Archie to Deirdre. Craig joins Kevin and Sally at the hospital waiting for news on Rosie. Gail decides to call the police about the letters. Blanche, Archie, Emily and Rita are all drinking in the Rovers and Blanche is obviously dressed up for the occasion because Archie is there. Joanne tells Kelly not to be upset with Lloyd about the key because it was a romantic idea however Becky is purposely making Lloyd out to be a bad guy. Kelly takes Joanne's advice and finds Lloyd to tell him she wants to move in. Becky is not impressed. Gail is frustrated with the police as they don't seem to understand just how serious the situation is. Rosie is told she is going to be fine despite a broken wrist and a dislocated shoulder. Sally starts to warm towards Craig. Deirdre is left looking after Amy again without even a second thought from Tracy. Adam sees his solicitor about Mike's will but he is not happy with the outcome. Becky gives Kelly a very expensive looking watch for her birthday. Blanche decides to ask Archie about their relationship however he doesn't seem to think they have one. Eileen sees the police at No.8 and immediately storms round there. Gail is obviously distressed about the whole situation.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail tells the police about the hoax cards, but Eileen wastes no time telling them a different version. Craig, Kevin and Sally face a nail-biting wait for news of Rosie's health; while Kelly's birthday brings a sign of commitment from Lloyd and more cause for concern from Becky.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,710,000 viewers (1st place).
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