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The Websters are getting ready for the school run. Keith and Craig are running late and Craig misses the bus. Charlie and Tracy are bickering after the "new shoes" incident and Charlie takes one of the shoes with him to work to teach Tracy a lesson. It's Kelly's birthday and opens her cards and presents in the factory. She opens a huge card which is from Lloyd. In the Street Cars office, Eileen and Steve are making fun of the Richard Hillman problem when Claire overhears. Eileen suggests that Gail has been sending the cards to herself. Fred persuades Claire to tell Audrey that Eileen has being saying Gail sent those cards to herself. Audrey is obviously upset by the accusation. Tracy is in a mood with Ken for putting Adam first and going to the solicitors with him instead of offering to help her with Amy. Sarah is practising her hair-cutting skills on David in the salon. Sarah goes on to tell David the rumour Eileen is spreading about their mum. David then suggests Sarah has been feeding Eileen with the relevant information such as birthdays and anniversaries so Eileen can send the cards herself. Sarah is very hurt and upset at this idea. Sally receives a call at the factory from the hospital. Rosie has been run over outside school. Kevin and Sally rush off to the hospital. Lloyd gives Kelly a key to his flat for her birthday and asks her to move in with him. Ashley and Gail discuss going to the police about the Hillman cards. Nathan tells Craig that Rosie has been involved in a car accident and he rushes off to the hospital. Gail rushes over to No.11 to confront Eileen.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Charlie can't resist a schoolboy act of revenge on Tracy, and hides one of the shoes she bought with the abortion money. Sally and Kevin are distraught to learn Rosie has been hit by a car.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,450,000 viewers (2nd place).
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