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Blanche, Deirdre and Ken argue about who's fault it is that Tracy's turned out to be such a manipulative bitch. Blanche overhears Audrey gossiping to Norris about Tracy's abortion. Blanche is quick to tell them there was no abortion and they've got their facts wrong. Rosie tells Craig how much she loves him. Craig gives her a bracelet as a symbol of his commitment to her. Rosie's touched. Audrey tells Sarah she was wrong about Tracy's abortion. Sarah in turn berates Jason for lying to her. Jason tells Charlie who immediately becomes suspicious. Sarah tells Jason how Gail suspects Eileen of sending the Richard Hillman cards. Danny and Leanne arrive back from Spain having found another copy of the will in the villa but Danny's still worried there are further copies. Eileen denies sending the Hillman cards. She reckons Gail's lost the plot and is sending them to herself. Charlie accuses Tracy of lying about her abortion. Tracy has to admit there was no baby and no abortion. Charlie thinks she did it just to get £300 for some new shoes. He tells her if she pays back the money she can stay, but never to take him for a mug again.


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