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Norris is pleased to find two replies from the internet dating agency in his email inbox. Chesney asks Fiz to speak to the social worker and tell her what a good mother Cilla is, but Fiz refuses to lie. Gail's still upset about the Richard Hillman cards having hardly slept a wink for worrying. Mike's funeral takes place. He's carried to the church in a glass carriage pulled by two black horses. Blanche and Audrey are both surprised to see that Archie Shuttleworth is the undertaker. Danny, Adam, Jamie and Dev are the pall-bearers. Fred gives a speech at the funeral. He talks about his great friend Mike and how the dead aren't really dead. Gail gets upset - thinking about Richard Hillman. Sarah has a go at Tracy when she refuses to pay for her manicure. Danny gives his speech about Mike. Adam becomes more and more angry. Jason tells Sarah not to be too hard on Tracy as she's just had an abortion. Audrey tells Rita about the Hillman cards. Adam's fury boils over and he accuses Danny of murdering Mike. Danny retaliates accusing Adam of not being there for Mike at the end. Frankie reprimands Danny for his shameful behaviour.


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