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Mike is in hospital with an oxygen mask to help him breathe. Jamie's by his bedside. Emily calls in to visit Mike. She's upset when he thinks she's his mother and keeps asking after his father. Kelly's annoyed when Becky makes Joanne swap machines so she can be next to her. Liz becomes consumed with jealousy - adamant that Michelle is trying to get her claws into Vernon. Bev warns her she'll drive him away if she's not careful. In a very ill and confused state, Mike walks out of the hospital. He wanders the streets in his pyjamas. Danny and Jamie are in a blind panic when they realise Mike is missing. Ken finds Mike standing outside the factory in his pyjamas and slippers. He's relieved to see Mike but distressed to see the state of him. Ken puts his jacket round him and phones for an ambulance. Mike taunts Ken about Deirdre but then suffers a massive heart attack and dies in Ken's arms. Danny arrives soon after and is devastated to learn from Ken that Mike is dead. Distraught Danny cradles his decreased father while Rita and Emily appear; they too learn from Ken that Mike is dead.


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