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Frankie and Jamie look after Mike at No.7. Mike's got a nasty cough. Leanne's pleased to be relieved of her nursing duties to Mike, but Danny is adamant that Mike needs to come back to the flat. Norris studies the classified section in the Gazette. Rita wonders what he's up to. Danny tries to take Mike back home but he refuses to leave No.7. Vernon sets off for rehearsals leaving one of his drums behind. Liz takes the opportunity to drop in on him unannounced. She worries he's becoming over friendly towards Michelle the glamorous singer. Mike's in a poor way. Frankie calls an ambulance. Danny's on the phone to a client when Sally runs in and tells him there's an ambulance outside No.7. Norris writes an ad for the lonely hearts column in the Gazette. He hides it from Rita. Danny, Frankie and Jamie go with Mike to the hospital. Penny arrives deeply worried about Mike. She's shocked to be told he's got pneumonia. Much to Kelly and Lloyd's embarrassment, Becky tells them how much she loves them both. Jamie blames Danny for Mike's state of health - he wouldn't have spent the night in a park in the rain if he hadn't been trying to get away from Danny and Leanne.


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  • This was the 447th and final script for the programme from long-term contributor John Stevenson.
  • TV Times synopsis: Danny puts his own greed before Mike's welfare, and the Baldwin family are horrified when the embattled old-timer is rushed to hospital with pneumonia. Meanwhile, Liz's jealous nature is aroused when Vernon tells her not to come to the rehearsals; and Becky's increasingly odd behaviour worries Kelly.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,930,000 viewers (5th place).
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