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Gail's upset when she overhears Norris, Eileen and Blanche gossiping about her and Phil. Deirdre takes Mike out for the afternoon to give Leanne a break. Danny's grateful. Steve suspects Charlie tried it on with Ronnie and threatens him in the street. Charlie denies it, saying Ronnie tried it on with him. Tracy's furious with Charlie. Deirdre takes Mike to Roy's Rolls. With barely concealed delight, Eileen quizzes Sarah about Gail and Phil's split. But when Sarah explains how Phil was violent towards David and how upset her mum is, Eileen feels guilty. Mike disappears from the cafe while Deirdre's back is turned. He turns up at No.5 thinking he still lives there with Bet Lynch. Danny, Deirdre and Jamie rush to No.5 worried about Mike. They find him playing drafts with Chesney while Schmeichel watches. Sean's delighted when Chris texts him suggesting another night out. Realising Steve's not going to let it drop, Ronnie admits that she flirted with Charlie and led him on just to teach both Charlie and Tracy a lesson. Frankie, Jamie and Deirdre think Mike would be better off at No.7 rather than his flat. Danny's torn.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Charlie warns Ronnie not to mess with him, but she's not finished playing games and engineers a confrontation between him and Steve. Meanwhile, a fretful Gail worries about having thrown Phil out on his ear; and Deirdre enjoys a day with Mike - until he sparks panic by going missing.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,960,000 viewers (4th place).
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