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Phil tries to talk to Gail about the cards but she busies herself and avoids the subject. Phil's frustrated. Becky threatens Norris telling him to lay off her mate Kelly. Norris is bemused. Ronnie exchanges lingering looks with Charlie is pleased when he suggests they should leave the Rovers and go back to his flat for a drink. Sean arrives in the Rovers walking on air. He explains how he copped off with a gorgeous bloke called Chris and spent the night with him. The Baldwins have a meeting to discuss Mike. They all agree that a nursing home is not an option and he's better off with family. Danny persuades Leanne to agree to look after him at home. Penny looks after Mike for a couple of hours. They look at old holiday snaps together but she's upset when he refuses to recognise her as the woman in the photos. Ronnie plays games with Charlie. She asks him if he fancies her and when he admits he does, Ronnie turns the knife telling him she certainly doesn't fancy him. Charlie's not impressed at being made a fool of. Phil loses his temper and grabs Gail's arm in an attempt to make her listen. David leaps to his mum's defence. Phil pushes David over. Gail becomes angry and throws Phil out of the house saying she never wants to see him again. Ronnie tells Steve she wants to go as she doesn't feel very well. Tracy's suspicious wondering what went on between Ronnie and Charlie. Distraught Gail apologises to Sarah and David for bringing another violent man into their lives.


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