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Ashley tells Fred of their plans to go to Scotland straight after Joshua's birthday party. Fred tries to reason with him but Ashley's adamant it's the only way to keep Joshua away from Matt and Sylvia. Penny calls to see Mike. Danny and Leanne take the opportunity to nip out leaving Penny in charge of Mike. Matt phones the Peacocks but Ashley refuses to take the call. Maria asks Tyrone for her half of the wedding fund money as she hopes to put it towards buying the salon. Molly's furious and gives Maria 50p, telling her she doesn't deserve any more as she hardly put anything in. Penny's upset when Mike throws her out of the flat saying he doesn't know who she is. He then finds a photo of her which confuses him even more. Mike turns up at No.1. Ken's concerned by Mike's mental state. Joshua's birthday party is in full swing when to Claire and Ashley's horror, Matt and Sylvia turn up. Matt demands to see his son. Kevin and Deirdre are perplexed as Ashley ushers all the guests out. Fred can't bear to see his family torn apart by Matt Ramsden and gives him a piece of his mind telling him to stay away for all their sakes. Distraught Matt leaves the house, declaring he has rights, and they'll see what the courts have to say.


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