Claire continues to shout at Matt to put Joshua down but he refuses declaring that Joshua is his son. Claire screams for help and Audrey comes to her rescue. Claire grabs Joshua and takes him inside while Audrey gives Matt a piece of her mind. Ashley arrives home in a fury. He threatens to hit Matt and pushes him out of the garden. Matt says he's going to take Ashley to court as he's not fit to look after his son. Ashley takes his anger out on Claire telling her she's weak. Claire's upset. Danny takes Mike to see a private doctor. She tells Mike he's had a minor stroke which has accelerated to what she suspects to be Alzheimers. Fiz suggests to Kirk they should give up their jobs and go travelling but Kirk's adamant he couldn't leave the kennels for more than two weeks as he's in charge. Leanne suggests to Mike he should give Danny power of attorney so he can look after the business. Mike thinks it's a good idea. After seeing Mike's condition Audrey tells Rita and Emily she's thinking of selling the Salon so she can live life to the full while she's still healthy. Violet suggests to Maria she should buy the Salon. Kelly's annoyed when Becky buys a jacket almost identical to hers. Mike gets Danny to take him to the factory but then can't remember why he's there. Mike breaks down and cries on Danny's shoulder. Danny promises to look after him.


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