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Claire helps Joshua to make some party invitations for his birthday. Ashley's too hurt and upset by his conversation with Matt Ramsden to join in. Sean and Jason play football on the PlayStation. Eileen's depressed as she's still missing Ed. Gail worries about who's behind the "Richard Hillman cards". Roy shows Eileen a love letter he's written to Hayley wanting her opinion. Eileen thinks it's lovely but it highlights her own loneliness. Jamie arrives on the street in a taxi with Mike. Ken, Deirdre and Audrey are shocked at the sight of him. Mike's a frail shadow of his former self and his confusion is evident. Once inside No.7, Mike doesn't recognise Penny and wants to know where Alma is. Penny runs from the house upset. Mike doesn't know where he is or who he is. Eileen and Roy go for a drink together. Roy tells Eileen how lucky he is to have Hayley. Eileen appreciates his company. Ashley opens up to Claire telling her how scared he is that one day Joshua will look like Matt and he won't love him any more. Claire assures him that won't happen. Danny collects Mike from No.7 and takes him home. He's shocked to see the state of him.


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