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Sally wanders across the moor totally distraught. A relieved Rosie breaks down in Kevin's arms. As he sets off to find Sally, he tells Rosie to get in the truck and lock the doors. Ashley's upset about Matt's visit, convinced that Matt wants to take Joshua from him. When Claire realises Matt's the man who's been chatting to her at Josh's nursery, Ashley vents his fury on her and calls her stupid. Fred calms him down. Les makes his taxi his home and even plugs a TV in to the car. He goes to the chippy only to be served one of his own dirty socks deep-fried by Cilla. Emily, Norris, Rita and Freda play cards. Emily's very fragile but when Norris tries to broach the subject Emily refuses to discuss it and sends Norris packing. Rosie's guilt-ridden blaming herself for her mum's breakdown. She promises Sally she won't have sex with Craig again until she's older. Sally's grateful. Ashley and Claire make up but when Claire suggests the problem of Matt isn't going to go away and they should have a meeting with him Ashley's dead against it.


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