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Danny throws Les out of Mike's flat and tells him to go back to Cilla. Sally's still hell-bent on sending Rosie to Melrose Boarding School for Girls. Rosie refuses to go and Kevin takes Rosie's side. Sally's furious with Kevin. Becky starts her cleaning job at Underworld. Kelly's uncomfortable and tells Becky not to mention they were cellmates but to pretend they were at school together. Les begs Cilla to take him back. Cilla starts to weaken but Les then ruins his chances by accidentally calling her Janice. Cilla throws him out. Sally sees Rosie and Craig snogging and something snaps inside her. She forces Rosie into the car and drives off with her. Sally sets off for the moors intent on finding Melrose. Craig tells Kevin about Sally forcing Rosie into the car and driving off with her. Kevin's concerned. Les has nowhere to live and declares his taxi his home. Sally's so angry her driving's erratic and Rosie's scared as the car swerves across the road. Matt Ramsden pays Ashley a visit. Ashley's upset and angry and tells him to stay away. Matt leaves but tells Ashley it's unfinished business. Sean notices how Becky seems much more friendly towards Kelly than Kelly is towards Becky. He's intrigued. Rosie becomes increasingly scared at Sally's state of mind as she drives like a lunatic. Eventually Sally stops the car and admits she's lost and never had any idea of where the school is.


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