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Sally's embarrassed at finding herself hailed a hero for punching Janice. Cilla's genuinely upset at Les being unfaithful, especially with Janice. Danny's unimpressed to find Les has stayed the night in the flat as Cilla's thrown him out. Roy spends the morning at a model railway shop with Clifford. Emily's delighted when Freda Burgess unexpectedly arrives. Freda's concerned about Emily having heard about Ed. Chesney's worried he's going to lose the only proper family he's ever had. Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie go out for a pizza. They find Chesney looking downcast and invite him to join them. Les pleads with Cilla to forgive him but she's too upset. Freda insists on escorting Emily to church. Emily's unhappy about going; unsure of her faith and worried she might bump into Ed. During the service Emily spots Ed at the back of the church. Chesney tells the Websters how he's never going to have a girlfriend or have sex as it only causes trouble. Emily becomes emotional and has to leave the church. Ed follows her and again apologises. Freda starts throwing stones at Ed and Emily tells him that she wishes he'd never been born. Hayley's disappointed Roy's too late back from his jaunt with Clifford to see her off to Bognor Regis where she's visiting her convalescing Uncle Wilf. Rosie points out they can't afford to send her to boarding school but Sally insists she's going even if she has to get two jobs to fund it. Emily confides in Rita that not only has she lost her faith in God but also in herself.


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