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Danny asks Kelly for a reference for Becky but Kelly's evasive, pretending she hardly knows her. Jamie, Frankie and Penny finally get through to the Spanish police and find out that Mike's lost his mobile but he's fine. Tracy books a holiday in Lanzarote and manipulates Ken and Deirdre into saying they'll have Amy. She then manipulates Charlie into agreeing to come with her despite his workload. Hayley asks Roy to collect a parcel from the post office. She's upset when he forgets because he and Clifford have been discussing signal boxes. Janice continues to bully Sally. She deliberately pours tea all over Sally's work. Sally can't take any more and slaps Janice. A fight ensues. Danny's relieved to learn that Mike's okay. Tearful Sally tries to resign but Danny promises to sort things out for her. Penny's still worried about Mike - she thinks it's odd that he hasn't phoned. Danny calls Janice into the office and sacks her. Janice is livid and demands the girls go on strike in support. She's shocked when they refuse, saying she had it coming to her.


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  • Renny Krupinski was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sally decides she's had enough of Janice's bullying; Tracy uses emotional blackmail to get her way; while Roy is caught up in the excitement of the model railway.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,780,000 viewers (3rd place).
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