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Penny's worried when she can't get hold of Mike in Spain. Danny's not interested. Janice bickers with Sally in the factory. Nathan confides in Kevin he really likes Frankie but wishes she'd stop talking about her ex-husband. Hayley and the other factory girls discuss song lyrics they've misheard. Janice drops an earring into Sally's tea and nicks a pile of the knickers Sally's sewn. Kelly's worried when Becky applies for a job at the factory. Tracy suggests to Charlie they should go on holiday and promises not to take Amy. Frankie pays Danny a visit telling him how worried about Mike she is. Leanne arrives and Frankie tells her how she'll have the last laugh when Danny ditches her for someone younger. Eileen tells Rita and Norris that it's over with Ed. Although relieved, Rita feels sorry for Eileen. Ashley continues to worry that Matt Ramsden might try and take Joshua from him. Claire suggests they write to him explaining their fears. Ashley agrees. Frankie and Penny are united in their concern for Mike. Janice pours her heart out to Danny telling him about Dennis Stringer's car crash and how she couldn't bear to think of that happening to Leanne. She returns the pile of undergarments to Sally.


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