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Bev's grateful to Fred for rescuing her. Rita returns from looking round the Sunnydale Retirement Community and tells Emily she's not ready for retirement. Emily suggests she moves in with her for a while until she feels more secure. Rita's grateful. Craig brings a new friend home from school called Suzie. Keith assumes that Rosie must be history. Bev complains there's a weird smell in the butcher's van. Fred discovers the refrigeration unit has broken down and the smell is rotting meat. At first Norris is put out to find Emily and Rita have made arrangements behind his back but he's delighted when Rita tells him that he can stay in her flat. Eileen calls on Emily and explains how she feels Ed is a changed person and she's going to give him a second chance as she's in love with him. Emily's incensed at Eileen's decision and tells her she's evil and twisted. Fred and Bev admit their feelings for each other. Fred tells Bev all about the Orchid/Stacy debacle. Bev admits Greg dumped her, not the other way round. Danny buys Leanne an old classic car. He says he'll ask Kevin to spruce it up a bit. Audrey tells Sally and Kevin that Craig's got a new girlfriend. Sarah and Jason arrive back from their holiday and are shocked to hear Eileen's boyfriend Ed is a murderer. As Fred and Bev clear the rotting meat out of the back of the van, he proposes to her. Bev's delighted and accepts.


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