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Emily's in turmoil. Ed's confession has brought all her memories of Ernest's murder flooding back. David tells Gail he's got a job walking Jo's dog for her. Norris tells Rita and Deirdre about the shock Emily's had. They rush round to see her, deeply concerned. Claire's flattered when she receives two Valentine's cards. Ashley hasn't the heart to tell her they're both from him. Gail's upset when she receives a hoax Valentine's card from Richard Hillman. Audrey suggests Phil's behind it. Tracy apologises to Charlie. He agrees to give their relationship another go but tells Tracy she has to choose between him and Amy. Hayley's irritated by Clifford who turns up at the cafe armed with a box full of railway paraphernalia. Claire thinks Steve is behind the Valentine card and resigns from her job. She's embarrassed when she finds out it was from Ashley. Steve gives Claire her job back. Emily's feeling very low and explains to Rita she feels unable to forgive Ed and is therefore questioning her own faith. Upset that she's heard nothing from Ed, Eileen calls on Emily to see if she's heard anything. Eileen's stunned when she's told Ed is Ernest's murderer.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Eileen can't understand why Ed has been ignoring her and asks Emily if she knows what is behind it, only to discover the man she's fallen for is a murderer. Gail receives a sinister Valentine addressed to Mrs Hillman; and a card prompts Claire to quit her job.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,130,000 viewers (3rd place).
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