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Eileen's on cloud nine after her night with Ed, but Ed seems distant and distracted. Charlie plays with Amy. Tracy's delighted to see them getting on. Amber watches Dev talking to Deirdre and detects a closeness. She accuses Dev of sleeping with all his customers. Tyrone's all loved-up after his kiss with Molly. He's not even bothered when Kevin tells him the van is a write-off. Steve's angry when he finds out Tracy and Amy have moved in with Charlie. Ronnie fails to placate Steve and after provocation, Charlie pushes Steve to the ground. Dev's upset when his solicitor tells that him he can only have a two-hour supervised visit with the twins. Tracy swans off to the dentist leaving Charlie to look after Amy. Charlie's fuming. Shareen calls in the corner shop looking for Dev. Amber wonders who she is. Clifford calls to see Roy. He's brought a tiny model passenger he's painted to look like Hayley and emailed some new photos of his model railway. Ed meets Eileen for a drink. She's mystified when he says he really enjoyed last night but there's something he has to do. He leaves her waiting in the Rovers. Ed pays Emily a visit. He summons up all his courage and explains how he sought her out as he needs to clear his conscience. Ed tells a shocked Emily that he was the robber who killed Ernest in January 1978.


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Blanche Hunt (to Tracy Barlow): "You're remarkably chipper. Have you trod on a snail?"

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