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Ken and Deirdre are appalled when Tracy announces she's moving in with Charlie. Rita's furious with Stacy for doing a runner from the police station. Rita pours her heart out to Emily about Stacy and the burglary. She worried sick she's not safe in her own flat. Emily's sympathetic. Ed offers to fix Rita's doorbell for her. She's grateful. Molly gets Tyrone to test different bread rolls for the fast food van. She's disappointed when Tyrone muses that now he's got a new business venture he won't have time for a girlfriend. Emily gives Fred a piece of her mind and tells him to sort out the situation with Stacy as she's worried about Rita. Frankie, Eileen, Deirdre and Liz have a night out. To the girls' amusement Deirdre enjoys a drunken snog with a man until she guiltily explains she's married. The journalist takes Maria out. She has too much to drink and pours her heart out admitting how she cheated on Tyrone. Tracy arrives at Charlie's flat with her luggage. Taken aback she's moved in so soon, Charlie's further put out to discover Amy's moving in too. Stacy suggests to Fred they could make a go of it together. Although initially tempted, Fred finally sees through her and realising she's using him again, tells her that he's throwing her out tomorrow. Stacy's gutted.


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