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Norris thinks Rita's behaving strangely when he hears hip-hop music coming from her flat. Steve says he's heard her through the wall talking to herself. Fiz observes that Maria's more upset about being dumped than actually losing Tyrone. Clifford calls in the cafe and asks Roy if he would like to help him set up his model railway. Roy's delighted. Tyrone tells Maria he still loves her but he knows she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with him and that's why he finished with her. Kelly's pleased to hear the police caught the mugger who took her bag the previous December. While at the police station collecting her things with Lloyd she sees Becky Granger, an old acquaintance from jail who she previously bumped into with Lloyd last August. Becky's been arrested for shoplifting. Kelly feels sorry for her and gives her some money. Tyrone gets the old fast food van engine running. Molly tells him how clever he is and gives him a kiss which surprises Tyrone. Eileen asks Ed outright how he feels about her. She's pleased when he says he really fancies her but wants to take things slowly as they could have a future. Rita persuades Stacy to spend a couple of hours in Manchester with her. When they return they're shocked to find the flat has been burgled. Stacy's convinced Stuart, the man who beat her up, is behind it. Rita insists she's going to call the police despite Stacy begging her not to.


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