Tyrone's walking on air at the prospect of Maria being pregnant. He can't keep it a secret and tells Nathan and Kevin. Rita lies to Norris saying she's not well so she can keep an eye on Stacy. It's Sarah's birthday. She's shocked and upset when she gets a birthday card from Richard Hillman. She suspects David of playing a sick joke but he denies it. Dev's gutted at losing Sunita and the twins. Steve tries to comfort him. When Maria casually mentions she's not pregnant Tyrone's devastated and even more upset to see that Maria's visibly relieved. Tyrone's depressed as he tells Nathan and Kevin the pregnancy was a false alarm. Nathan makes him feels even worse pointing out that the only way to hang on to a gorgeous girl like Maria is to get her pregnant as soon as possible. Gail questions David over the Richard card but David's adamant he knows nothing about it. Gail believes him and wonders if Eileen's behind it. Stacy apologises to Fred for the way she treated him. Fred forgives her. Sarah refuses to let the card ruin her birthday and gets all dolled up. Tyrone faces his fears and tells Maria they've got to stop kidding themselves that it'll last as she's too good for him. Maria tries to argue but tearful Tyrone insists they should finish with each other as it will be less painful in the long run.


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