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Tyrone's disappointed with the article in the Gazette. His insecurities come to the fore, worried that he's too ugly for Maria. Dev proudly takes the twins for a walk in their pram. He suggests to Sunita they should move into the new house where they'd have more room. Fred persuades Rita to visit Stacy with him, only to discover she's discharged herself from hospital. Fred's worried about her. Norris wonders where Fred and Rita have been but Rita refuses to be drawn. Sunita packs up her belongings and shares a tearful farewell with Shelley. Eileen goes for a drink with Ed and although they get on really well she's disappointed that he just wants to be nothing more than friends. Maria tells Tyrone she's worried she might be pregnant. Tyrone's delighted. Stacy tracks down Fred and begs him for money so she can get away from Stuart, the violent man who put her in hospital. Instead Fred takes her to Rita's flat and persuades Rita to let her stay for a couple of nights. Rita tells Stacy what she thinks of her for conning Fred in the past, but feels sorry for her because of the terrible state she's in. Sunita leaves the street with the twins. Dev spots her getting into Jayesh's car and pleads with her not to go. Amber watches on as Dev breaks down when the car drives off.


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