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Dev looks after the twins in the corner shop while Sunita gets some rest. Sarah slams round the kitchen, still angry with Jason. Jamie's concerned that Mike's gone to Spain by himself. Hayley persuades Roy that he should go to his school reunion. Amber barges into the shop and wants to hold the twins. Dev refuses to let her wake them up. When she causes a scene, he throws her out of the shop. Amber leaves feeling rejected, telling him that he's the worst dad in the world. Ravinder's furious with Dev for the way he treats Amber. Sally tells Kevin she's spoken to Rosie's teacher and she's falling behind with her grades. Sally blames Craig for distracting her. Jessie tells Fiz and Violet that she's got an interview for another job. Fiz is dismissive. Rosie and Craig steal a brief kiss in the ginnel. Rosie catches Sally searching her school bag. She insists Sally looks in her pencil case insisting it's where she'll find what she's looking for. Sally finds Rosie's contraceptive pills. She and Kevin are horrified. Furious Kevin rows with Craig and threatens to put him in hospital. Craig explains how he loves Rosie and he refuses to stop seeing her. Sarah and Jason get back together and kiss in the Rovers. Kevin and Sally resolve to report Craig to the police for underage sex with their daughter.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sally goes through Rosie's bag after receiving a bad school report, prompting the teenager to show her mum what she's been keeping secret. Meanwhile, Dev spends time with Sunita and the twins, cruelly rejecting Amber when she tries to be a part of the family; and Sarah seems willing to forgive and forget.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,760,000 viewers (8th place).
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