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Violet tells Jason she can't marry him as she doesn't trust him. Jessie climbs on a chair in the factory and gives the girls a rendition of the song she's written. Danny arrives in the middle and orders her into the office. Sarah's getting more and more frustrated with Jason who's not returning her messages and ends up having a huge tantrum. David lies to Gail saying he trapped Phil's hand in the boot accidentally. Gail believes him. Danny sacks Jessie. She leaves upset. Phil's back from hospital. He tells Gail how he won't be able to work for at least two weeks because of his hand. David smirks at him. Violet admits to Sean she still loves Jason but she doesn't trust him any more. Emily, Norris, Rita, Ed and Eileen have a drink together in the Rovers. Norris makes it clear he doesn't like Ed and enjoys twisting the knife when Ed lets slip he's been in prison. Eileen can see Ed's upset and asks him what he was inside for. Ed's plays it down and says it was aggravated burglary. Jason decides to make it up with Sarah, but when she nags him for ignoring her texts and slags off Violet he decides it's time to tell her some home truths. They have a huge row and finish with each other.


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