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Roy's unnerved when he receives a copy of his old school newsletter referencing "The Class of 71" which contains an article and photo of himself and an invitation to a reunion. Sarah's jealous knowing Jason still holds a torch for Violet. They row over breakfast which David enjoys. Sarah bitches about Violet in the Rovers. Gail and Audrey are sick of hearing it. Jason tells Violet he still loves her and wants them to try again. Violet's unsure. Jessie turns up late for work with a hangover. Danny's surprisingly reasonable. Ed admits to Emily he's not long out of prison and is worried what Eileen will think. He's pleased when Emily assures him that he's a good man and Eileen will think the same. For the first time, Phil and David have a bit of a joke together. Gail asks them to unload the shopping from the car. Roy tells Hayley how the newsletter was sent to him by a fellow pupil called Clifford Ford and how Clifford used to be bullied even more than him. Violet realises Jamie's right when he says they both need to put their exes behind them. Phil annoys David by talking down to him. David slams the car boot on Phil's hand. A concerned Gail rushes outside and instructs David to fetch ice. Phil covers up for David saying it was an accident. Violet tries to tell Jason it's over for good, but he refuses to listen and proposes to her.


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