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Sally gets Rosie an emergency appointment with the doctor. Rosie explains she doesn't need the morning-after pill as she had safe sex. Sally is furious when the doctor listens to Rosie and accuses Sally of using the pill as a punishment. Keith is at a loss as to how to handle Craig. Craig is matter-of-fact telling Audrey how he and Rosie were having sex when Sally caught them. Jack's shocked to find a whole room in the gallery devoted to nude pictures of himself. He does his best to keep Vera away from it. Jayesh visits Sunita and tells her that she's very welcome to move back home to their parents. He suggests she can't cope; upset, Sunita throws him out. Jack and Vera are delighted with Hilary Sanders's picture of them both. In desperation, Sally buys the morning-after pill from a chemist. Jack begs Roy and Blanche not to mention the nude paintings to Vera but it's too late. Vera is furious and hits Jack over the head with one of the offending pictures. Danny suggests Mike should see a solicitor and get his new will drawn up leaving Adam with nothing. Sally forces tearful Rosie to take the morning-after pill.


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  • The pharmacist who speaks to Sally Webster at Brookfield Chemist is uncredited.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sally drags Rosie to the medical centre, but the doctor sends them to the chemist, where the teenager is forced to face up to her actions. Sunita's brother comes to visit and takes the opportunity to urge his sister to return home or get back with Dev.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,590,000 viewers (3rd place).
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