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Carol gets a phone call from Jamie to say he's on his way home. She lies to Frankie pretending it was someone else but Frankie's suspicious. Sunita's contractions start. Shelley goes to the hospital with her. Ken struggles to take Eccles for a walk and eventually gives up. Carol buys a bottle of vodka and drinks half of it. Fred tells Dev that Sunita's gone into labour. Dev rushes to the hospital only to be told Sunita doesn't want to see him. He pleads with the midwife but to no avail. Eileen joins Ed and Emily for a drink. She reintroduces Ed to Jason, while Sean introduces himself. Sunita gives in and lets Dev into the delivery room. Ken promises to give Eccles one more chance providing she wears a muzzle if they go for a walk. Frankie gets a call from Jamie confirming Carol was lying to her. She finds Carol drunk at home and asks her why she lied. Frankie's shocked when Carol accuses her of trying to get Jamie into bed to replace Danny. Jamie arrives home and senses the tension. Sunita gives birth to a boy and a girl. Dev and Sunita are temporarily reunited as they gaze proudly at their twins.


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