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Eccles continues to give Ken a hard time and refuses to let him have his newspaper. Adam confronts Mike about the hurtful things he said but Mike has no recollection. Mike's mood changes again and he rounds on Adam again accusing him of having an affair with Penny. He throws distraught Adam out of the flat. Danny hates himself for cashing in on Mike's confusion. Leanne's unrepentant. Kirk advises Ken on how to handle Eccles suggesting he gets down to dog's level. Rosie changes tack and is pleasant to Sally and Kevin. They're relieved at her mood change. Sophie's upset when Rosie pokes fun at her lack of boobs. Fred pulls out of the cruise wrongly thinking his feelings for Bev aren't reciprocated. Bev's disappointed but tries to hide it. Eileen babysits Bethany while Sarah and Jason have a night out. Gail's furious when she finds out and accuses Eileen of giving in. Kevin and Sally are pleased when Rosie says she wants to make a fresh start. They tell her they're willing to trust her again and return her mobile phone. Mike gives Danny a letter to post. It's a conciliatory letter to Mark forgiving him for his affair with Linda. Danny intentionally throws it away. Sophie's delighted when Hayley gives her a padded bra which she's made herself. Ken gets down on all fours and tries but fails to bond with Eccles. David continues to give Gail and Phil hell. Phil tries to talk to him, but David makes it clear he intends to get Phil out of his mother's life.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Adam reminds Mike about his accusations, and Danny begins to feel guilty as his manipulation continues; Kevin and Sally wonder if they can trust Rosie; Hayley keeps Sophie's problems close to her chest; and Bev feels like a gooseberry when Fred decides not to go on the cruise.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,550,000 viewers (8th place).

Notable dialogue

Gail Platt: "And I'm trying to save your sister from yet another disaster."
David Platt: "Why? You get her into most of 'em."
Gail Platt: "I'm sorry?"
David Platt: "It's true... she's only with Jason Grimshaw because you forced Scooter out."

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