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Jason's fed up with Eileen's interfering in his relationship with Sarah. He tells her that he's thinking of moving out. Eileen's upset. Mike tells Danny he's thinking of forgiving Penny and his son Mark. Danny's quick to put in the poison and suggests Mark's probably still with Linda. Eileen chats to Todd on the phone. She realises Todd's not bothered about Sarah and Jason any more as he's got a new boyfriend. Both Fred and Bev privately worry about the sleeping arrangements on the cruise and wonder if they're sharing a cabin or not. Penny wants to talk to Mike but Danny manages to head her off saying that Mike's in one of his moods and she'd best leave it until later. Deirdre and Blanche arrive back from Lena's funeral with Lady Freckles, Lena's dog which she's left to Blanche in her will. Amy renames her Eccles. Eileen apologises to Jason and gives him and Sarah her blessing. Jason accepts and says he's changed his mind about moving out. Sean clocks Phil looking at Eileen and is convinced Phil fancies her. Eccles takes an instant dislike to Ken who finds himself banished to the hallway. David's rude to Gail and Phil when he's reprimanded for allowing Bethany to watch him playing a violent video game. Mike's confused. He thinks Penny is Linda and Adam is Mark. Angrily he tells Penny he never wants to see her again and tells Adam to get out of his flat and factory. Danny starts to hate himself for fuelling Mike's confusion.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Danny continues his efforts to bolster his inheritance by telling Mike more twisted lies about Penny and Adam - convincing the confused factory boss that they are having an affair; Eileen has a change of heart when she realises her attitude to Sarah could damage her relationship with Jason; Phil sees through David's tricks; and Blanche inherits Lena's dog - who takes an instant dislike to Ken.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,560,000 viewers (4th place).
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