Alerted by Harry, the police have caught up with Patricia and a policewoman calls at No.7 to take details. Having found a sum of money on the girl, she asks if any is missing from the house but Harry says nothing is amiss. After the policewoman has gone, he angrily tells Lucille that he’s lied and there’s 10/- club money missing. He holds her responsible for the loss as she took Patricia in and they row about the matter. Concepta acts as peacemaker between them. Doreen calls on Ena to thank her for recommending her to Swindley as she’s got the job and has started there already. Ena asks her to look out for a bust bodice in her size for her. Dennis thinks Elsie is neglecting him by doing too much for Linda. Ivan is tired as the baby has been awake all night. Elsie disagrees with Linda’s modern approach to parenting by letting the baby cry and comforts the child herself. Doreen assists with an after-hours stock check. She finds Swindley’s pompous attitude amusing. He refuses to attach a sale price to the last remaining bust bodice. More jumble is delivered to the Rovers by Alf and Len but Vince refuses to take the items in. Billy and Concepta store them in the yard shed instead. Albert brings Nancy into the pub to take her out of the way of Frank and Ida’s bad summer colds. Martha thinks the Italians taking over Snape's Cafe are handsome. Ena is amused by Albert courting Nancy as he buys her gin and orange. Even though the draper's is officially shut for business for the night, Ena calls for her bust bodice and gets the price reduced from 5/11 to 2/11. Having got the baby to sleep at last, Ivan and Linda discuss names. Ivan wants to call him “Richard” but Linda decides on “Paul”, despite Elsie agreeing with Ivan’s choice. Linda is adamant that her decision is final.


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