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Mike wonders where Penny is. Adam reminds him that he threw her out last night. Mike tries to cover but it's obvious he has no recollection. David continues to show no respect to Gail and treats her like his slave. Phil becomes increasingly irritated by him. Sally and Kevin tell Rosie she's barred from leaving the house and they'll be nipping back from work to check on her. Mike tells Danny how Penny refused to marry him insisting he needs to see a doctor. Danny's secretly delighted, telling Mike he's best off without her. Sally apologises for having a go at Hayley and admits she's neglected Sophie of late. Adam and Mike row. Adam thinks Mike should apologise to Penny. Mike disagrees. Jack does his first nude modelling for Hilary Sanders's art class. She pays him £25. Danny wins a big factory order from Meadows. Mike's delighted and gives him the engagement ring he'd bought for Penny telling Danny to give it to Leanne as a gift. Craig shins up the wall in the Websters' back yard and talks to Rosie through her bedroom window. They vow to stick together declaring their love for each other. Eileen's upset to find Jason entertaining Sarah and Bethany at No.11. Danny gives Leanne the ring from Mike. Leanne's overwhelmed and lets Danny unzip her dress to show her appreciation!


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