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Sophie moans about spending New Year's Eve with Rita. She clocks Rosie trying to sneak out of the door and alerts Kevin and Sally. Penny's back and asks Adam how Mike's been. She's worried to hear he's had more lapses while she's been away. Mike tells Danny he's going to propose to Penny. Danny pretends he's pleased but really he's worried about his inheritance. Frankie's put out when Jamie calls saying he's gone to stay with Warren in Spain. Rosie escapes from the house. She and Craig cling to each other in the street until Kevin forcibly drags them apart. Keith's at his wits' end with Craig. Audrey tries to console him. Ed finds Emily in the cafe. She tells him she doesn't like Reverend Sedgley's modern approach. Ed agrees and suggests they form a bible study group. Emily's pleased at the idea. Sophie pours her heart out to Hayley about how she desperately wants a booster bra but life's so unfair. Liz is feeling put out as Vernon's got a job on a cruise ship for four weeks starting in Casablanca. Bev suggests they follow him out there and have a holiday. Shelley, Sean, Violet and Sunita have a night out. Sean admits he'd really like to be a dad one day. Violet offers to have a baby with him. Rosie tells Sophie she's been having sex with Craig. Sophie thinks it's gross. Mike takes Penny to the Clock and proposes to her. Penny's stunned.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Penny is stunned when Mike asks her to marry him; while Keith wonders how to deal with Craig and fears his skills as a grandparent will be a disappointment.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,750,000 viewers (2nd place).
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