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Penny's worried about Mike and thinks he might have Alzheimer's. Mike buys another engagement ring and sneaks it into the flat. Carol still hasn't returned and Jamie's worried sick about her. Vera phones Hilary Sanders, the artist who gave Jack £200. She rants and raves down the phone, telling her to keep her hands off Jack. Sophie's still in a sulk over not being allowed a booster bra. Vernon's got a gig at the Weatherfield Palace. Liz ends up lugging all the kit again. Hilary pays Jack and Vera a visit. She manages to win Vera round by suggesting she does a painting of both of them. Ronnie visits Jimmy in prison. She tells him that she's keeping his £5,000 as severance pay and that she'll spill the beans on all his dodgy deals if he tries anything. Carol finally turns up at No.7, drunk. Jamie's relieved but upset when Carol again suggests there's something going on between him and Frankie. Danny talks to Mike about the business and his will. He's furious when Mike says of his 51% of Underworld, he's going to leave 50% to Adam and 1% to Danny so that there's a level playing field. Danny points out that he's already bought and paid for his 49% so it's only fair that Mike should split his 51% between him and Adam. Mike disagrees. Mike asks Danny if he thinks he's losing his marbles. Danny assures him that he's as fit as a fiddle.


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