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Mike and Viv brush off yesterday's events when Penny brings it up. Steve won't drop the subject of the money - Ronnie tells him it won't be a problem. Danny and Leanne discuss Mike and Alzheimer's. Danny worries about the factory. Steve's thinking about Karen and last year's events. Liz worries about him. Sophie's still after a booster bra but Sally's adamant she's too young. Jamie tells Frankie that Mike freaked him out yesterday. He then finds Carol's not in her room. He says she's probably out drunk. Frankie comforts him but he's uncomfortable with the intimacy between them. Janice is touched when Leanne buys her a posh figurine. Cilla reminisces to Les about how her mum used to treat her. She threatens Mr Wong with tribunals if she's out of a job. Jimmy Clayton sends Ronnie an amethyst bracelet. Steve worries how it got into the flat, where he found it. Not happy, he accuses Ronnie of getting off on the situation. Claire and Ashley are mortified that Fred's told half the street their news. Penny makes Adam see how serious things are. Ronnie thinks Jimmy knows about the money as he's asked to see her. Steve's sickened. He blurts out a hurtful remark about Jimmy knocking Ronnie around. Ronnie storms off. Penny and Adam try to persuade Mike to get help but he refuses. Viv says it's no wonder he's cracking up with Penny around.


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