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The factory workers try to convince Danny and Mike to let them off early so they can go for Christmas drinks. Mike's bought a diamond engagement ring. Street Cars is hectic. Ronnie complains to Steve they're ships that pass in the night. Carol's upset that Jamie sees his present early - a ring engraved "with love from mum". He says he likes it, but his face falls when she suggests they get a place together. Frankie's fuming as Danny winds her up. He tells her that he'll miss her over Christmas. Emily and Rita go to Reverend Ashbourne's final service, Emily says farewell to the reverend. Mike struggles to add up the workers' bonuses, Penny helps but is upset that Mike is being forgetful again. Mike wonders what's upsetting her. When Steve asks Tracy if he can see Amy, Tracy winds him up and tells him Amy is with Deirdre. When Ken and Steve confront Tracy, she admits Amy is at nursery and she doesn't think Steve, Ken or Deirdre should see her on Christmas Day. Charlie says she should let them. Tracy gives in as long as they promise to back off about her and Charlie. Ken thanks Charlie. Churchgoer Ed Jackson drives Emily and Rita back from church. Emily tells Rita that Ed is only nice to her because he sees her as a good cause, a lonely old widow. Steve leaves Ronnie with the impression he's got serious money worries. Mike realises he's left the engagement ring at Underworld. When he gets to the office he forgets why he's there. He leaves with Penny, but without the ring.


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