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Jack wants to buy Vera a decent Christmas present after last year's fiasco. He sees an advert in the Gazette for artist models and decides to apply in order to get himself some spare cash. Gail gives Phil a key to No.8. Audrey insists Keith and Craig must have Christmas dinner at Gail's with her. Craig's crying on Rosie's shoulder having visited his mum in prison. Phil helps Eileen with her shopping, and has a cup of tea at No.11. They chat and he realises how much he enjoys her company. Hilary Sanders interviews Jack for the artist's model job. She likes the fact he looks as if he's "lived" and pays him £200 up front. Jamie's put out when he learns that Frankie's got a date with Nathan. Carol sees his reaction and thinks he's jealous. Vera continues to work extra shifts as she needs the money to buy Jack the Christmas present she has in mind. Rosie tells Kevin how sorry she feels for Craig with his mum in prison and how lucky she feels to have her mum and dad at home. Kevin's touched. Jamie worries about Frankie while she's out with Nathan which annoys Carol. Jack shows Tyrone the Edward VII figurine mug he's bought for Vera. Frankie arrives home after a lovely evening with Nathan. To Jamie's disgust, Carol accuses him of being jealous of Nathan and insinuates he fancies Frankie.


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